Why Flexiworkforce? The job market is changing


Why Flexiworkforce? The job market is changing.

The world of work is changing. Consumer demands for increased contact hours, employee needs for flexibility to meet out of work commitments and fast moving technology support the ability to change the way we work.

Almost HALF of the UK’s working population want or need flexible work.

14.1 million people to be exact. But only 93.8% of adverts for quality jobs have no mention of flexibility)

Since June 2014, every employee in the UK has the right to request flexible working after 26 weeks employment. 

More and more employers are turning to flexible working to increase diversity in their workforce and reach the massive pool of untapped talent. 

A revolution in tech has enabled more businesses to promote remote working, reducing overheads and placing greater trust in their talented professionals.

The job market is changing. Flexiworkforce allows you to find jobs and talent that works for you and your business – the perfect partnership.


Benefits of flexible working

Benefits to your business:

  •  A more efficient and productive organisation
  •  A more empowered and motivated workforce
  • A better customer service and increased customer loyalty
  •  Increased staff retention and attractiveness to potential employees
  •  Reduced levels of sickness absence

Benefits to you: 

  • Flexibility to manage your work/life balance in a way that works for you
  • Rush hour queues can be avoided (yay!)
  • Parents and carers can work full time hours whilst meeting caring commitments
  • Allows access to high quality work and job progression
  • Collaboration with colleagues through job-sharing