Register for a recruiters account is a job platform with a difference, bridging the skills gap for employers and connecting 14 million individuals in the UK who want or need flexible work. Our mission is to match brilliant, motivated professionals who don't want to work on a traditional 9-5 basis with their best opportunities. is more than just a convenient way to advertise your vacancies. We offer a complete platform to showcase your brand values and access a unique pool of candidates.

  • Get unique access to a diverse pool of talent
  • Show candidates why you are an Employer of Choice
  • Get the help you need to bridge your skills gap
  • Connect and engage with candidates via 1-2-1 chat

By registering with Flexiworkforce, you’ll enjoy a number of key benefits, the biggest of which is to advertise your vacancies in such a way that ensures they attract the best differential talent we have to offer.

You’ll be able to build a striking company page to showcase your brand, your values and show candidates what makes you a special employer. Our unique ‘Chat to the Employer’ facility allows you to connect with candidates in an informal and relaxed environment.

We offer all of this and so much more. Take your first step towards a diverse and flexible workforce: register today for all of the details.

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