Top interview advice to land your dream flexible job

We give you the best interview advice to help land your flexible job! 

Hurrah! You are through to interview and one step closer to your dream flexible job!

Now do you know what you do now? Check out tips from the Flexiworkforce team below:


Tracey Eker, CEO of Flexiworkforce:

“Prepare. Prepare. And prepare some more. Employers can easily spot a candidate who has done their homework on the organisation. Find out what the company’s values, mission and objectives are. How would you go above and beyond in your role to deliver those objectives? Find out who is interviewing you and do your research. Maybe the HR manager previously worked in a similar sector to you or the department head shares your passion for finding the latest technology to deliver greater efficiency. We’re so lucky to live in an age of LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and Facebook. Use these tools to your advantage and ensure your armed to the teeth with the right kind of information.”

Jason, Sales:

“Do a practice interview with friends or family. Practice interviews allow you not only to think about how you will answer the standard questions, getting friends and family involved might throw up questions you hadn’t thought of. If you know someone already in a similar role to the one you’re applying for, even better. Find out the types of questions they were asked in their interview. Remember that some companies like to do things differently, so it’s always wise to expect the unexpected!”

 Beth, Communications, PR and Social Media Executive:

“I’m a keen list writer and find that writing down key facts before an interview helps me to organize my thoughts. Try and write down a list of your personal qualities, professional achievements and skills which make you stand out for the role.”

Marta, Administrator:

“Be personal! Interviewers are far more likely to remember you if you use specific examples of why you should get the job. So rather than saying you have a strong track record in sales, think about a time when you demonstrated this. It’s even better if you can tell them a story of what you did to close the sale, how much value this added to the business and what happened for the business as a result of this.”

Kevin, Sales:

“Don’t leave anything to the last minute. Interviews can be stressful enough without the added chaos of running around trying to find your tie an hour before interview. The night before, organize what you plan to wear, how you plan to get there and print out copies of your CV and any other requested certificates or materials.

“If you have been asked to bring a presentation, always prepare a back up. Maybe email it to yourself as well as putting it on a USB pen. Knowing you’re prepared can go a long way to settling any pre-interview jitters.”