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Flexiworkforce is opening up a whole new talent pool. Our diversity and inclusion jobs platform will bridge your skills gap and attract star talent who want or need flexible working. Flexiworkforce encourages you to offer up your jobs differently, with either contractual or non contractual flexibility on offer, we can help you tap into passive and active star talent.

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The key benefits of using Flexiworkforce


    Bridge your skills gap

    Flexiworkforce unleashes untapped active and passive talent to employers, helping you win the war on talent. Our jobs platform can help you connect with the 14 million individuals in the UK who want or need flexible work. Whether your jobs are open to flexibility, remote working or shift work, Flexiworkforce will work with you to realise your best opportunities. 

    Diversity and Inclusion solution

    Flexible working arrangements are essential for many working parents, carers, older workers, people with disabilities and service leavers. Flexiworkforce promotes a greater level of diversity and inclusion in the UK workforce by connecting you with a differential talent pool. We are your diversity and inclusion partner with flexibility at its heart.


    Beat the competition

    The advertisement of a flexible working pattern in the job description can put your company at the top of the list of prospective employers for many of the most talented job hunters. It is an attractive proposition, one that is becoming as important to the jobseeker as salary and promotion prospects, as employees look to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

    Connect with the right talent

    Flexiworkforce uses the latest SEO and micro-targeting strategies to reach talented professionals looking for flexible work. We believe that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to  recruitment and retention. Alongside our wide range of expert advice, we will work with you to develop excellent content which showcases your brand values and connects you with the right talent.

Advertise your jobs

Flexiworkforce is the place to find differential skilled jobseekers looking to work on a flexible basis, across all sectors, areas and demographics.  From a single job posting to national recruiters, businesses and Charities, our competitive rates and platform packages will help you find the perfect candidates for the right price.

  • 1 Job Packages

    • Job Ad & Logo
    • £205 per job credit
    • Job Ads are live for 28 days
  • 5 Job Packages

    • Job Ad & Logo
    • £185 per credit
    • Job Ads are live for 28 days
  • 10 Job Packages

    • Job Ad & Logo
    • £165 per credit
    • Job Ads are live for 28 days
  • Charities

    • Voluntary Positions only
    • One Basic Job Ad
    • Job Ads are live for 28 days

All job adverts are live for 28 days and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

If you are looking for custom packages, please contact us.