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Flexiworkforce.com is a job platform with a difference, bridging the skills gap for employers and connecting 14 million individuals in the UK who want or need flexible work. Our mission is to match brilliant, motivated professionals who don't want to work on a traditional 9-5 basis with their best opportunities.

Why we do what we do

We are the only UK-wide jobs platform providing a Diversity & Inclusion Employer Solution and offering tailored advice hubs for candidates to dramatically improve their user experience. More than just a box-ticking exercise, we believe that true diversity will enrich our workforce, significantly boosting innovation and productivity.  

Flexiworkforce unleashes untapped active and passive talent to employers, helping them win the war on talent.

Our new platform aims to revolutionise the job board market.  Employers showcase their brand values and demonstrate to candidates the benefits of working for their organisation. We provide a 1:1 social channel for candidates to access employers directly. 

Candidates can evaluate job opportunities around their flexibility needs, have focused advice and bespoke information to assist their job search.

#flexirevolution - delivering talent, a diversity and inclusion solution and a marketing showcase all in one unique proposition

Our story

Flexiworkforce was established in 2013 by Tracey Eker, an energetic Aussie with a background in finance and business-to-business sales who became frustrated when trying to find quality work, which fitted around her childcare and other commitments.

Most of the jobs being advertised by recruitment agencies were either full-time or the wrong time and online recruitment sites were hard to navigate or served up franchise adverts and lots of low quality jobs. Searching for these jobs became a part-time job in itself.

Talking to others, Tracey found that this was a huge issue. Not only was there an army of skilled people unable to make the most of their potential but UK employers were reporting growing skills shortages.  Realising her job hunt would be made so much easier if there was a single employment platform that pulled together all the best flexible work opportunities, the concept for Flexiworkforce was born.

Tracey's passion and dedication to the promoting the benefits of flexible working has seen Flexiworkforce develop key relationships with international companies including Standard Life, Santander, RBS and Maclay Murray and Spens.

Every week, Tracey Eker takes on the latest workforce issues in her Bend or Break blog.

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For specific queries, please send an e-mail to media@flexiworkforce.com or call (0044) 0141 374 - 2194

Brand assets can be found in our press kit. Press releases can be found at flexiworkforce.com/blog

The Flexiworkforce Team

At Flexiworkforce we practise what we preach! From a kickboxing flexi-timer in our social media team to a rocking CEO remote working once a week, we know that true flexibility = a happy and motivated workforce. When not busting a gut to make the world a happier, more flexible place, we can be found roaming the hills in the Highlands, spending time with our children and getting our sweat on at the gym.


Flexiworkforce is opening up a whole new talent pool. Our jobs platform will bridge your skills gap and attract star talent.

Flexiworkforce encourages you to offer up your jobs differently. With either contractual or non contractual flexibility on offer, we can help you tap into passive and active star talent.  Contact our Sales team to join our #flexirevolution today.

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Your Questions Answered

  • Q. I need a job! How do I sign up?

    Looking for a job shouldn’t be a job in itself!

    Simply click on the “Sign Up” button and enter your details. Need help completing the form? Give one of our team a call on 0141 374 2194 or send an email to info@flexiworkforce.com and we’ll be happy to help you start your flexijourney!

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  • I don’t feel that I fit into any of the resource portals. What do I do?

    Flexiworkforce is different because you’re different.

    Whilst our resource and job portals allow us to provide personalised content for different demographic groups, we recognise that sometimes you may feel that you don’t fit into a box and that’s OK! You can still find a wealth of information, hints, tips and jobs by searching all on the main page or by clicking on our “Helpful resources" tab at the top of the page. 

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  • This sounds interesting...but what is flexible working?

    Good question! Flexible work simply refers to any working schedule that is outside of a normal 9-5 working pattern. Some employers offer a variety of flexible working patterns for the one job role or want you to free to speak openly about your flexible working needs.

    Read more on what is flexible working?

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  • I’m an employer and I want to advertise my jobs on your site. What do I do?

    Great! Our Sales team look forward to talking you through the range of options to showcase your brand values and demonstrate to candidates the benefits of working for your organisation.

    Visit "I'm looking for professionals" and join the #flexirevolution today.

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