Our People

Here at Flexiworkforce we put our money where our mouth is and are diverse by nature – not just by name! We truly believe that recognising each individual’s needs and celebrating differences relates to a happy, productive workforce. That’s why each of our staff works a flexibility pattern that suits their individual needs as we recognise the benefits of a workforce that works flexibly to not just the employee, but also the employer.

We recognise that flexible working is what breeds Diversity & Inclusion and communicate this message to all the company’s we work with. We help employers bridge their skills gap by connecting them with the 14.1 million people who want or need flexible working.

 Our People

Each of our staff works flexibly to suit their individual needs across various flexible working patterns such as part-time, flexi-time and home/remote working. We are an equal opportunities employer and push this policy for all present and future employees.

We support and encourage our staff to grow in their careers and to their potential by helping them to achieve their ambition. We do this by implementing training programmes that are tailored to them so that they may nurture current skills and develop knowledge. 


 At Flexiworkforce we believe in a fair and inclusive employment of all demographics of people. This is something that is at the heart of our business. As a Diversity & Inclusion jobs platform, it is essential to our business that we help each individual across all cultures, backgrounds, religions, sexuality, disability, age, education into employment. 

Our focus is to help all demographics of people into jobs that have forms of flexibilities that suit their needs whilst also work in a job that matches the skills they can offer. We work with various partners further help people into employment.